Benefits Send a fax

  1. Faxes are as manageable as emails; no more cluttered pieces of paper everywhere
  2. Faxes are stored and kept safe for up to five years
  3. Faxes are accessible even when you don’t have access to your emails, through our online fax portal
  4. Fast fax signup and instant activation at no cost
  5. No downloads or installations are required
  6. No special training or skills are required to use the service
  7. No subscription fees or monthly costs
  8. All received faxes are sent directly to  your mailbox only
  9. Manage, file and store faxes electronically
  10. Faxes sent in error or unwanted faxes do not waste your time or money
  11. Faxes can be passed on to colleagues or associates at the click of a button
  12. Faxes can be delivered in ‘PDF’ or ‘TIFF’ format
  13. No need for expensive fax machines, fax servers or fax lines
  14. Significantly reduces paper and toner cost
  15. Improved productivity, no more waiting in queues to use the fax machine and no fax downtime
  16. Fax to Email is a zero cost, totally free, no-maintenance, Internet based fax product

Send a fax