FAQ Send a fax

What is the Fax to Email service?

This is a service that allows you to receive faxes on a unique fax number which is linked to your email address so that faxes are delivered to your email account. Fax communication has never been as easy as this.

How does this whole free Fax to Email service work?
We do all the hard work and make it as convenient as possible for you to use. There is no requirement to download or install any software applications. The faxes will arrive as either ‘TIFF’ or ‘PDF’ file attachments in your email inbox – you choose. You simply, double-click on the attachment to read your fax. As a value added service, SMS notifications can also be sent to you everytime a fax has been delivered to your number.

How do the messages arrive in my email account?
The fax will arrive as an attachment to the Fax Received notification in ‘TIFF’ or ‘PDF’ format depending on your preferred setting. You simply double-click on the file attachment to view the fax.

Do I need any hardware or programs on my computer to use this service?
Not at all; a fax will be delivered to your email address as a ‘TIFF’ or ‘PDF’ attachment to an email message.

Can I receive faxes only in South-Africa?
No, international incoming fax capability depends solely on the Telco provider of the country and whether or not it supports routing to 086 fax numbers. Most of the international Telco’s have confirmed that they support international faxing to 0866 numbers.

How long must I wait before I can start using my fax number?
There is no delay. Simply complete the one minute signup and activation process and start receiving faxes instantly!

Can I access faxes that were sent to my number but have been deleted from my email program?
Yes absolutely! You can login to our fax management console from here and access all the faxes that have been sent to you by clicking on ‘Inbox’. Faxes will be kept here for up to 90 days.