Upgrade Your Office and Get Rid of Clunky Fax Machines

The old school fax machine may have been an office staple in the 70s but there is no need to remain stuck in the past, especially if it is an ineffective way of sending and receiving information. Move with the times and harness the power of technology and upgrade to a more modern method of powerful free fax to email services.

Email to fax

It comes as no surprise that most offices make use of PCs and most people are familiar with how to send an email. Online faxing combines the benefits of email with the ease of sending a fax instantly. Email to fax is easy to use and is a modern method of enjoying the best of both worlds. Even the most computer illiterate person will be able to master this technology with ease.

Best of all, online faxing is free and it is a simple process to digitise and send even the largest documents safely and easily. Fax to email services is used by a number of blue-chip companies and the technology integrates seamlessly with their email system.

Never again do you have to listen to the incessant whining dial tone of a fax machine again. With online faxing, your documents are automatically archived and your boss will be delighted by the flexible and affordable alternative to the traditional fax machine.